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”Chinese Bridge” Fund Management Approach

Chapter I   General Principles
Article One   To further enhance the "Chinese Bridge" Fund Management, improve the efficiency of using funds, and promote the popularization of overseas Chinese and the publicity of Chinese culture, this approach is enacted in accordance with relevant national financial rules and regulations.
Article Two   "Chinese Bridge" fund was established by The Office of Chinese Language Council International (hereinafter referred to as Hanban). It is used to fund overseas organizations, overseas Chinese teaching and research institutions, and various social groups to conduct Chinese language teaching and spread Chinese culture. It is also used to fund overseas Chinese learners to study in China.

Chapter II   Funding Range
Article Three   "Chinese Bridge" fund will be used in the following fields:
First  Scholarships
Series of "Chinese Bridge" scholarships were set up:
1. "Chinese Bridge" final winner scholarship;
2. "Chinese Bridge" preliminary outstanding contestants scholarship;
3. "Chinese Bridge" special scholarship;
The content and applications of the above mentioned scholarships are to be further specified, and be announced at the web site of Hanban,
Second, Publicity
To fund competitions, exhibitions and foreigners’ visit to China and other activities for the purpose of promotion and introduction of Chinese language and culture.
Third, Academic activities
1. To fund overseas universities and other teaching institutions to offer Chinese courses (including equipment support, etc.);
2. To fund overseas universities and other teaching institutions in the establishment of Chinese masters and the employment of teaching staff;
3. To hold various Chinese lectures and large or middle scale regional international academic discussions;
4.To fund relevant academic research, exchanges and other projects of teaching Chinese as a foreign language;
5. To fund overseas Chinese language teaching publishing houses;
6. To fund Chinese language examinations.
Article Four: special "Chinese Bridge Fund" should be used for special purposes, and not allowed to be used in other fields beyond the approval of the approach.

Chapter Three  Fund Application and Examination and Approval
Article Five: overseas organizations, overseas Chinese language teaching and research institutions, social groups and individuals can apply the "Chinese Bridge Fund" through Chinese Embassies, the Education and Culture Departments of Chinese Consulate in foreign countries. And a detailed project application and budge is required to send to Hanban at the end of September. The application methods and relevant forms can be found at the website of Hanban.
Article Six: Hanban will organize an Experts Evaluation Committee to conduct assessment on the application for various projects. According to the focus and purpose of the work, they will take the national or regional conditions into their consideration, and comment on different applications based on the principle of "fair and rational, select the superior or the best to fund".

Chapter Four  Fund Appropriation and Accounting
Article Seven: within the three months after receiving the application, Hanban will inform the relevant embassies, consulates of the project and budget approved by the Experts Evaluation Committee and conduct examination so as to allocate funds.
Article Eight: after receiving the fund, applicants are required to enforce the project according to the relevant regulations, and principally, not allowed to divert the fund to any other projects.

Chapter Five  Fund Final Accounting and Supervision
Article Nine: applicants are required to add an appendix to the fund revenue and expenditure reporting and send it to Hanban before January 10th. The Financial Department of Hanban is in charge of summarize and compile the final accounting of the "Chinese Bridge Fund". As to those revenue and expenditure statements that have not been timely issued according to relevant requirement, no special fund will be arranged in the next year.
Article Ten: Hanban is in charge of supervising the use of the "Chinese Bridge Fund".

Chapter Six    Supplementary Article
Article Eleven: Hanban is in charge of the explanation of the approach.
Article Twelve: the approach will be enforced from January 1st, 2008. Regulations failed to accord with the approach should be rejected.  

The Office of Chinese Language Council International
December 27th, 2007