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Dr. Imre Hamar received awards in Beijing

2011. december 02.

In acknowledgment of his individual achievements, Dr. Imre Hamar, director of ELTE Confucius Institute, received awards which were presented at the Confucius Institute Conference in Beijing, on 12 December. From 350 Confucius Institutes and 500 Confucius Classrooms, twenty people recieved awards. Dr. Zoltán Horváth, Deputy Rector of ELTE University and Ferenc Hudecz, former Rector of ELTE University, advisor of Hanban, who received the diploma of honorary membership of Hanban’s Central Board, also took part in the event.

Before the Confucius Institutes Conference, Dr. Zoltan Horváth and Dr. Imre Hamar took part in a conference organized by the Beijing Foreign Languages University, where the directors of the Confucius Institutes run by Beijing Foreign Languages University and its partners reported about their work in 2011 and discussed their joint programs for next year. The theme of the conference was the next 10-year development. The directress of Hanban, Xu Lin, summed up her plans in thirty points, including a proposal to raise the number of Confucius Institutes to 500 and of Confucius Classrooms to 1000 by 2015, and for fifty of the existing institutes to be considered as “model institutions”. Dr. Imre Hamar chaired the Sessions of the Directors of European Confucius Institutes. On 16 December, the Hungarian delegation at the Beijing Foreign Languages University attended the Confucius Institutes Board of Director’s meeting, during which they reviewed the work of this year and adopted the report of the Director.