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Board of Directors Roundtable Conference of Confucius Institutes in China

2014. augusztus 08.

At the invitation of Xu Lin, director of Hanban (Chinese Language Education Council), Ferenc Hudecz attended the round-table conference of the Confucius Institutes board between the 8 and 10 August. Professor Hudecz, former rector of ELTE (2007-2009), was a founding member of the Board of Directors, and as of November 2011 is an honorary member.

At the Confucius Institutes Board of Directors Conference - which has been organized annually for the fourth time this year - the participants discussed experiences related to the activities of Confucius Institutes. They commented on, and expressed new ideas regarding the development plan for the next five-year period (2016-2020).

The 17 participants, arriving from 11 countries of 5 continents (Board Members, Honorary Board Members and Senior Advisors), were informed of the coming celebration of the birthday of Confucius. The first “Confucius Day” will be held on 27 September 2014, on the same day in all of the Institutes world wide.

The Conference’s focus was on a programme launched last year, aimed at creating regional centres. It is worth noting that the ELTE Confucius Institute - established in 2006 as the first Confucius Institute in Hungary - has opened its Central and Eastern European Training Centre in the fall of this year. There was also discussion of the operation of quality control institutes, as well as recognition of "Model Institutes" who would receive additional support from Hanban. There are currently 475 Confucius Institutes in 122 countries; among them, according to preliminary estimates, about two or three dozen would receive the “Model Institute” nomination. Participants of the conference visited Jilin University in the city of Changchun (, which with 69,000 students is China's largest university. The university, which is one of China’s top five, was developed as a fusion of five universites between the years 2000 and 2004. The research university is supported by the Chinese government's priority development program (Project 211 and Project 985,; its strengths include: maths, chemistry, engineering, earth sciences, and talent development programs, in addition to philosophy, history of science, economics and science. The vice-Rector in charge of academic affairs has expressed his hopes for developing further connections with ELTE.。

The conference was held in Jilin province’s Changchun city, (, the historical capital of Manchuria.