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The success of the ELTE Confucius Institute on the Chinese educational exhibitions

2012. augusztus 30.

In 2012 the ELTE Confucius Institute represented itself in 3 prestigious educational exhibitions. The first was held in Shanghai in May, and was followed the ones in Dalian and Shenyang. As a result, this autumn 5 Chinese students are starting their studies on ELTE, who are going to attend a preparatory course in English language. The success is proved by the fact that Chinese newspapers introduced in their article the activity of the ELTE and the ELTE Confucius Institute. The article tells shortly about the history of our university, and underlines the big rule of the institute in teaching Chinese language and spreading Chinese culture in Hungary. Beside these, the article also reveals what makes our university attractive for foreigner students, and emphasises the international acknowledging, the courses in foreign languages, and the favourable substantive conditions. On the exhibition in Dalian, the coo-workers of the Chinese Hungarian embassy made a presentation about learning opportunities in Hungary.