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90 Hungarian students attended the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp

2012. augusztus 24.

90 Hungarian students and their teachers got the opportunity to participate the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp organized by the Chinese state and the ELTE Confucius Institute between 30 of July and 12 of August. The students of the schools chosen by the Ministries of National Economy and Human Resources visited several Chinese cities.

In the Chinese capital Gábor Nagy (representing the Hungarian embassy) and Szonja Buslig (cultural attaché) greeted the arriving, who visited the Great Wall, the Tiananmen Square and the building of Hanban during their 3 days long staying in Beijing.

Then the students were separated into 3 groups, and travelled to 3 different cities (Harbin, Shanghai and Chongqing). During the 2 week camp the students could refine their Chinese, and also participate on several cultural events. The smooth transaction of the camp was observed by Dr Imre Hamar, director of the ELTE Confucius Institute.