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Wenyi Club is coming!

2012. május 18.

Wenyi Club was founded by ELTE Konfuciusz Intezet in 18. May 2012. You will see all the Chinese teachers in this club; you can talk with them in Chinese freely. You will experience Chinese culture here, such as kung fu、Chinese music and dance、Beijing opera、Calligraphy、Paper cuts、Comic dialogue etc. You can also see Wenyi Club in Facebook, please check “罗兰大学孔子学院文艺社”. Fund resources:self-financing,social sponsorship,sponsorship from Hanban.

Regisztrációs lap Registration form (xls)

How to enroll:
1. Download the registration form, fill it, then send it to
2. Go to the 15/9 Office in ELTE Konfuciusz Intezet, fill the registration form there. 10:00——17:00.