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The Comprehensive Chinese-Hungarian Dictionary Published!

2019. október 16.

In October 2019, following the work of 60 people for about 5 years, the ELTE Confucius Institute and the Akadémiai Kiadó, published the most detailed and voluminous Chinese-Hungarian dictionary in Hungary.

The editors in chief of the two volume dictionary are Prof. Dr. Hamar Imre, Vice-Rector of Internation Affairs at ELTE, Director of ELTE Confucius Institute and the ELTE Institute of Far Eastern Studies and Dr. Huba Bartos, Associate Professor at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies at ELTE, Vice-Director of the Institute of Linguistics at Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The dictionary contains 6090 first level character tags, 73.947 linked compound words and 46.297 usage examples. The dictionary which in unique not only in Hungary but also in the Central and Eastern European region, contains the newest expressions of recent years, furthermore adds Pinyin transcription to all the keywords and examples. The creation of the dictionary was supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and the Chinese Language Education Council (Guojia Hanban, 国家汉办).

More information about the dictionary can be found ont the website of Akadémiai Kiadó:

The dictionary can also be used as an application:

Hamar Imre-Bartos Huba: Kínai-Magyar Nagyszótár