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Lili Zsoldos wins the 2011 annual Chinese cultural competition for secondary school students

2011. december 16.

The Chinese cultural competition for secondary school students organised by ELTE Confucius Institute was a great success. The competition was won by a student from the Trefort High School, Lili Zsoldos. The second prize was won by Regina Kovács, who studies at János Csere Apáczai High School and the third prize went to Fanni Kacskó, of Trefort High School. Our congratulations to all the participants for making the event such a memorable occasion!

The competition consists of three parts:
1) The students have to deliver a 1-2 minute speech written by themselves, in which they can state the reasons why they like learning Chinese,and why they chose this language.
2) The students have to answer quiz questions. The questions are all from the “What’s in the newspapers” page of our web site, or from the downloadable collection of Confucius Chronicle articles.
3) The students have to do simple calligraphy made up of some characters made by one of the teachers of the Institute.

Grand Prize: a valuable Chinese language learning audio book complete with a special pen