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The "Chinese Day" was a great success at the Jezsuita high school in Miskolc

2023. March 21.

On March 21st, the Confucius Institute of ELTE held a China Day event at the Miskolc Gyula Fényi Jesuit High School, which is one of the institute’s teaching locations. The event was open to students in grades 5–12 and featured seven cultural experience booths, including Tai Chi, shuttlecock kicking, calligraphy, Gobang (five-in-a-row), paper folding, and chopsticks games. Throughout the day, the event attracted over 200 students.

At 10:00 AM, the school arranged a lecture entitled "China: A New World Order" to help students understand the story and connection between the Jesuits and China.

As the booth layout work was completed at around 10:30 AM, students started to arrive. Eight teachers from the Confucius Institute of ELTE warmly and carefully introduced each cultural activity to the students.

Under the guidance and explanation of the teachers, the students quickly became engaged in the activities. They carefully copied Chinese characters, played Gobang games with their classmates, folded delicate paper animals, learned Tai Chi movements, and kicked shuttlecocks together. Everyone could find their own favorite activity during the China Day event.

The annual China Day is an important cultural activity of the school, providing students with an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture. According to statistics, every year some students who participate in the China Day event become interested in Chinese culture and sign up for Chinese courses in the next school year to further their learning of the language and culture.