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The ELTE Confucius Institute participated again this year in the Earth Day at the Budapest Zoo

2023. április 21.

The ELTE Confucius Institute in Hungary participated in the World Earth Day activities at the Budapest Zoo April 21–23, 2023, to celebrate the occasion. The institute showcased the rich and diverse culture of China to the local community and celebrated Earth Day with the zoo's visitors. The event attracted over 8,000 visitors on Saturday alone and featured four Chinese culture-related booths from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The booths included a calligraphy display, shuttlecock kicking, Chinese chess, and Chinese face painting.

At the calligraphy booth, visitors showed great interest in the magic of Chinese characters, and the teachers from the ELTE Confucius Institute used various Chinese calligraphy techniques to illustrate visitors' Chinese names. In response, visitors were in awe and expressed their gratitude.

The ancient Chinese game of shuttlecock kicking was a hit among both adults and children, who together participated in the activity in an open area in front of the exhibition area. Chinese face painting and Chinese chess were the most popular among children.

The event showcased the rich and diverse culture of China to the local community through experiential projects filled with Chinese elements. It attracted a large number of visitors and allowed those interested in Chinese culture to gain a deeper understanding. The event also strengthened language and cultural exchanges between Hungary and China, bringing the people of the two countries closer together.

The event was organized by the ELTE Confucius Institute and was led by Enikő Gájász, the institute’s cultural activity coordinator.