Confucius Institute - Budapest, Hungary

   1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/F., I.16.    Tel: (36)-(1)-411-6597
Ügyintézés: H-CS: 10.30-18.30; P: 10.30-16.00
                           ELTE Confucius Institute    Kínai enciklopédia

This year the ELTE Confucius Institute participated in the university’s open day

2022. October 14.

ELTEfeszt, which was held on October 14, is an event where secondary school students can learn about the university and its programs in order to help them choose where and what to study in the future.

More than 500 students visited ELTEfeszt this year. At the Confucius Institute, the Chinese teachers welcomed students with Chinese snacks and tea, which the teachers prepared during a tea ceremony.

The institute’s calligraphy demonstration attracted many students as well. Our teachers wrote the students’ names in beautiful Chinese characters on paper, which became souvenirs for them. Some of the students even wrote their own calligraphy after the teachers explained the correct way to hold the brush and the proper technique for writing characters.

ELTEfeszt was an excellent opportunity for secondary school students to get to know more about Chinese culture and the Liberal Arts Faculty’s student life.

Written by: Wang Weiqi, Enikő Gájász
Reviewer: Li Denggui
Translated by: Hamar Zsuzsanna
Photos by: Photo: Wu Layton, Liu Daoyuan, Wang Weiqi