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ELTE Confucius Institute was also present on this year’s Velence Dragonship Festival

2022. június 04.

The event began with a traditional lion dance on the 4th of June 2022. Hungarian school teams competed with more than 10 ships together with 4 Chinese Civil Society’s professional teams. Visitors could also taste authentic Chinese food related to the event. At the festival visitors could paint Beijing Opera masks, which even the news programme of RTL KLUB. In China this event is held since more than millennia on 5th month and 5th day of the Chinese calendar.

The most exciting point of the day was the race itself, on which the team of ELTE attained a silver medal.

Second place reached by the ELTE team. Photo: Szonja Macgill

There were several Chinese cultural events too, at the tent of ELTE Confucius Institute events ranged from calligraphy to the game of Jianzi (foot feather). Those interested in fashion could try on Chinese traditional clothing for a photo.

Kids spent a lot of time at the tent of ELTE Confucius Institute. Photo: Szonja Macgill

There was an opportunity to try out Taiji too. Nearly a 100 people joined Kristóf Kövér in his hour-long session of Yang style Taiji.

Kristóf Kövér wushu-teacher holding a Taiji lesson. Photo: Szonja Macgill

Several Chinese Civil Societies were also present, selling traditional items, food and drinks. Wherever one went, Chinese culture was in the atmosphere.

ELTE’s team at the start line. Photo: Szonja Macgill

There were theatrical shows too, our Institute organised a Kung Fu show with Kristóf Kövér in the lead. There were dancing and singing productions too, ensuring a good atmosphere.

As the last event the audience could witness a phenomenal martial art show Photo: Szonja Macgill

As our Institute always takes great care to not just have visually stunning cultural programmes, but also programmes to enrichen the knowledge of people about China’s rich cultural heritage. As such Janisz Horváth held a lecture about calligraphy with the title “the written and painted dragon”, showing us where the mythical beast could be found in illustrations etc in Chinese history.

Janisz Horváth holding a lecture. Photo: Szonja Macgill

Considering the great success of the festival the organisers are keen to repeat in the future, naturally ELTE Confucius will gladly partake too.

The stunning lion dance always prompts people to taking photos Photo: Szonja Macgill

by Enikő Gájász